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Copper Canyon Wellness offers several options to help you achieve your wellness goals. Check out what's available below.

Cassie L Hughes Copper Canyon Wellness Mind-Body Medicine

Individual and Group Sessions

Cassie L Hughes Copper Canyon Wellness Mind-Body Medicine


Sessions focus on holistic wellbeing through mind-body medicine practices. We offer one-on-one live sessions, group sessions, and on-demand sessions. 

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Learn mind-body healing practices for yourself. Reserve a seat at one of our live classes or access our on-demand classes and start learning now. 


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Cassie L Hughes Copper Canyon Wellness Mind-Body Medicine


Copper Canyon offers many tools at your fingertips. Click here to find programs, meditations, worksheets and more to help you on your wellness journey.


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Hi, I'm Cassie Hughes, a mind-body medicine practitioner

 What is mind-body medicine?

It is a holistic approach to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You already possess the most important healthy-living tools:

Your brain, emotions, imagination, and breath.

I help you learn how to use these tools for increased energy, improved immune-system function, and happier moods. 

 Although my services are not a replacement for medical doctors, by incorporating the healthy habits you will learn, you may see a decreased need for medical attention.


I'm excited to help you help your body heal.

Contact me for a free consultation!


Love and light to you and yours,


​-Cassie L. Hughes


Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

I’ve been honored to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

Becky L.

“Hi Cassie- I am calmer and it is easier to breathe after our session.  I needed to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do and your goodness! thank you so much!”

Devora P.

“I really appreciate all the help you are giving me! I can’t express my gratitude enough. The changes I’ve experienced in just the two sessions are incredible. I’ve had hand/wrist pain as I told you, especially lately in my left wrist/thumb. A while back, I even heard and felt a slight pop with increased pain, but after today, I can move my thumb more freely than I have been able to in a long time and the pain has decreased quite a bit! And even just the lightness I feel…it’s so freeing! You are amazing!”

Jeff C.

“Hi Cassie, The tightness in my left shoulder blade is gone and the mersa bump is not as swollen or tight feeling. I’m continuing to get rid of a lot of water. I’m looking forward to weighing in at the gym later today after getting rid of so much water.”

Terri L.

“I’m feeling pretty good… over the last week, I’ve been waking up with either LITTLE or manageable anxiety, versus the usual overwhelming thoughts.  That’s been my life for so long I had accepted it as normal.

Tamsone B. 

“I enjoy all of our sessions but the relief from the longer session was so deeply cathartic. I had lunch with another body code practitioner today, and told her i’m basically over [my ex] after two weeks of t3. She knows the extent of my situation with him and she found it very impressive. I know my psychotherapists jaw would slam through the floor if i paid for another session to tell her about it.”

Ashley J.

“I had the wonderful privilege to have Cassie work on me for the last several months and she is Fantastic! She is the sweetest person and really has a love for her clients and their well being. She is very intune and everything she found even down to age of traumas was spot on!  I highly recommend her!”

Hannah P.

“She has really helped change my entire life! I always look forward to my sessions with her and if I don’t have a session I really miss them! Its my favorite part of the day. Cassie is soooooooo intuitive and she is always accurate with exactly what is going on with me. Her energy is so genuine and caring. She is literally an angel on earth. If you want to feel better, shes your go to woman hands down!”

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