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My Story

Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Hi, I’m Cassie Hughes.

As a young mom, I found myself drowning in emotional distress; Either too sad to function or too high-strung to breathe. Frustrated with the tantrums (mine and my kids), I knew something needed to change. As a result, I found the Emotion Code.

While learning the techniques found in this program and other holistic-wellness modalities everything turned around for me. Consequently, my family benefited as well. Now, I want to help you too. 

I am certified and trained in a variety of modalities. These include: 

  • Emotion Code

  • Body Code

  • Three-Dimensional Therapy

  • Aromatherapy.

  • Energy Psychology

  • Healer’s Blueprint.    


I am also currently working toward a master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University.

As a practitioner of 12 years, I see clients all over the world, from Idaho, USA to Sydney, Australia.  It is a joy to help many people meet their wellness goals and I am excited to help you too. 

Although these sessions are not a replacement for conventional medicine, this work is a beautiful compliment to any health-care routine.  It is important to know, I do not diagnose, treat or promise to cure any medical illness or disease.  I am ready to help YOU release the negative baggage you carry.  You will be amazed with the results!

Sessions are done over the phone. And so, no matter where you live you can have access to these amazing balancing techniques. You can even stay in your pajamas as you do so!


Are you ready to jump right in? Book a complementary introductory consultation. Click the buttons below.


-Cassie L. Hughes 


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Wellness Assessment

Try a session risk-free. This introductory consultation is designed for those who are unfamiliar or curious about holistic wellness practices.

  • Phone call session

  • Discuss your goals and create a care plan

  • Release or correct 1-3 imbalances

  • Receive a detailed e-mail summary

Reaching Out to the Sun

Mind-Body Session

These session go deep into finding the emotional and energetic imbalances that are causing your mind and body problems. 

  • Phone call or E-mail Sessions

  • Every session is unique.

  • Release trapped emotions and other harmful energies

  • Learn continued healing tools to use on your own


Essential Oil Profiling Session

Build up your own personal holistic first-aid kit for you and your home. 

  • Get a customized detailed report of the oils that will best help you and your goals. 

  • Receive instruction on how and when to use them.

  • List of emotional and physical benefits of each custom oil.

  • Find out your oil personality.

  • Options to purchase oils at discounted rates. 

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