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This Is Me - 100 - My Energy: Discovering and Owning Your Power.

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Hey there, Wanna know a secret? You are the most powerful and intuitive person you know. You may reject that idea at first. You may tell me: "Cassie, I struggle with confidence, insecurity, and an ever-present feeling of dread. I always get in my way. I never feel good enough. How can you tell me I'm powerful when I can't get my kids to do what I say?" Well, give me a chance, and I'll prove it! The This is Me program is designed to help you find and own your incredible self. By the end of the course, you will: • Discover your remarkable gifts and talents (you have them, I promise). • Develop an intimate and healthy relationship with your body, and learn how to communicate with it. • Claim the strength you inherited from the generation before you. • Learn how to move forward from your past and those blocks keeping you stuck. • And Gain the confidence in yourself to own all that you are. Would you like to uncover the Mighty Being of Light that you are? This program is meant to be taken one module at a time. Journey with me on this adventure that starts with exploring your five senses and learning how to use them in your favor. In the first module, My Energy, you will discover some genuinely remarkable sensory gifts that you possess. You will learn how you process the world around you and utilize that process to enhance your relationships, goals, and life. Sound exciting? It's going to be a lot of fun! Go ahead and join in, and I'll see you in class!

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